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TheewatersKloof killer

This one came out the best. I got the epoxy coating just perfect. Almost looks like a factory bait. I havent managed to get the epoxy as good as this on my others........

I think the weather has a lot to do with it, cold days the epoxy just doesn't cure like I want it to...


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What a nice paint job. The epoxy coating gives it depth. 


As far as the cold days / epoxy situation.

  Have you thought of using a heat lamp?

   Adjusting the distance between lure and lamp to help control the temp. Just a thought.


From A-Z your project came out great.

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Hey thanks bro. I did think of getting a heat lamp, what kind would be best? A fan type or a bar heater? I never got round to getting one as it was spring time down our side and spawn so I spent more days fishing than painting, which isn't a bad thing either :)

I was home for 60 days and spent 28 of those on the water . I will definitely get a heater when I am home though.....thanks for the comments

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If it were me and I were having that type of problem, I`d jury rig a 100 watt bulb with some sort of shade to direct the heat down ward.  


 Would work fine till you find something better.

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