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Enter the rainbow trout

Enter the rainbow trout

hey everyone i havent posted anything for a while now so i might aswell post this new trout swimmer. this one is a pretty big boy and infact its the biggest swimbait i have done thus far measuring at 27cm. like on my bass swimmers i used the scale tipping technique on the carved scales to give the whole thing more of a realistic look, so i suggest you check out the picture in its full glory on a computer monitor.
until next time tight lines

    Braided Line
    Oct 10 2015 12:56 PM

    Nice over all balance on your lure!  From nose to gills,  nice soft blend on the colors. Tail. realistic. 


    Fist bump!

    Well Mikko, I really didn't think it was possible but, you have outdone yourself this time!  Beautiful all the way around, Congratulations.



    thank yoiu guys its always fun to challenge your self and see if you can out do your self :)

    Nothing I can say would do that bait justice Mikko.