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The slip crank... Baby bass

Name change (formerly ILC).. Slip crank seems more fitting

I actually came up with this idea one day while crappie fishing a jig under a slip bobber over a deep brush pile... Almost every other fish i hooked would tangle me in the brush... I went through almost two dozen jigs, but didn't lose one bobber.... And the slip crank was born!... Basically just a slip bobber with a lip


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these look really good!

try adding a hook to the bobber lure itself and you will catch more of those pesky bobber eating bass ;) i like the paint job too!

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Ha!... Obviously there is a hook, only its not attached to the bait... That way the bait is never attached to the brush

Its my design, an "unlosable" crank bait... There are a few more in the gallery

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Hey, thats way better than i could ever do with rattle cans! ;) i see it now, i thought you were using it at a bobber. I wonder if you could make one in a deep diver style. Then youd be waiting for quite a bit looking for the lure though :D

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Deep diver coming soon.. Along with many other styles

Im still kinda slow at the building process.. So it REALLY helps that i can fish them without losing them!

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