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Slounch Slayer Super Square



Slounch Slayer Super Square

Deep diving square bill crankbait

    Deep square bills are a favorite of mine. Nice work.



    Oct 12 2015 03:38 PM

    Thank You Ben! These things have a great action and still deflect like the shallower diving one. 

    FYI-I actually have one more deep diving square bill model. Should have some of those ready in a couple of weeks. They are pretty wicked too!


    Thanks again

    These look great! i have never used a deep square bill, do they even go that deep? what is the benefit? If you dont mind me asking, what is your topcoat? sorry so many questions. again these are awesome, great paintjob too!

    Oct 13 2015 06:45 AM

    Thank you Jonister!

    These are 1/2 oz with 4-6 ft being effective depth. They features an extra wide lip, short shank hooks, it has a fast rise, and backs up away from snags when paused. All of which make it as weedless as possible when bull dozing thru deeper cover. Biggest advantage with the crankbait is it's amazing ability to deflect off cover. These offer the same fish catching characteristics as my shallower square bill but in a deeper zone. 

    As far as seal coat, here lately I have been using "Seal Coat by CS Coatings". I buy mine from LPO.