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spiny rays! 4 3/4", 1.9 oz., slow sinkers.

    They look good John. :yay:  Did you use the tissue paper scales on these?



    I did on the crappie. the others I had already painted the scale pattern on.

    a note: the slightest wrinkle in the tissue will show up when you paint over it. dark color not so bad, light colors it is more easy to see.  

    Oct 22 2015 11:26 AM

    Beautiful work John!

    Well you certainly seem to have a handle on the scale pattern. They look great.


    Do you still have your website?

    I took the website down Ben. it was not working right and I didn't know how to make corrections. think i'll try another site host and get it going again.



    Let us know if you get another site going John. I always like looking at your work even though I've yet to build a swimbait that's been worth a flip.