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One of my Super Bugs with a hook hanger for a touch of old school.

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Thanks, Ben !! This is my favorite lure to make and use. Certain times of the year it is my go to bait. The great thing about this type of lure is you have so many ways you can fish it. Cast and let it sit for a minute then slowly twitch and it gives a frog presentation, or burn it then pause, burn it all the way, and slow retrieve. Sorry for the long post. Lol Thanks again Ben !!

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I had a similar bait years ago although without the spinner blade in the rear. One of my favorite ways to fish it was to buzz it up to a stump and stop it, let it sit for a bit and then twitch it just enough to make the prop spin. The bass just couldn't stand that thing sitting over the top of them and when you twitched it they would just crush it.


Had forgotten about that bait and now you've got me wanting to build something similar.



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