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I've made many different solar powered lure designs and of all of them, this design and the Solar Popper design are my favorite solar powered designs. With that said, however, the battery powered vibrating lures are now my main focus because they are even more effective at attracting fish. The battery powered versions can be used in so many lure designs because they do not require the sun to activate the vibrating motor. I currently have several battery powered designs in prototype and test. The cicada is my first completed design.

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Thank you Curt. That means a lot, coming from someone that runs this great site.


The fact is, it has been difficult to keep up with demand on this lure. This lure works well even when the sun is not available to activate the vibrating lure. It is easy to walk to dog or just sporadically jerks on your line will cause erratic movement.


Thanks again,




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