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Spawn sack wart

Spawn sack wart

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    All createx paint on a predator KO w/ rattles.

    1 - White base coat

    2 - Wrap plug w/scale netting

    3 - Light layer of flour. hot pink

    4 - Cut a circle from a piece of masking tape, I used a 3/8" circle

    5 - Vary the placement of the circle pattern and shadow paint the outer edge w/ flour. red

    6 - Shadow around the eyes & nose w/ flour. red

    7 - Paint the belly white to clean it up

    8 - 2 coats of KBS

    9 - Catch monster salmon...(hopefully!)

    Man thats awesome! where do you plan to fish it? It looks like the salmon would love it!

    Thanks. Hoping to get it wet within the next couple weeks in Berrien Springs or below the  Allegan dam in Michigan. Did well the last couple seasons in both of those places long lining crankbaits in the current.

    i think it would of been better in a true color pattern...but , looks good....black dot each egg....