More Lake Erie Walleye

Caught 6 walleyes trolling on Lake Erie at last night with my 7" homemade crankbait in black/gold. Largest fish was 8-1/2 lbs.

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Youre killin me!!!... Ive got 7 or 8 months to wait til my next trip for walleye (if all goes well)......

The bait looks great though!... 8 1/2 lbs???... Thats a monster!!!.... Whats that in inches?

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I didn't measure the length but it was probably 28-30 inches long.  It was skinny compared to where it might have been after another month of gorging itself on gizzard shad and smelt.  That fish would have weighed over 10 lbs in December.


Where do you fish for walleye?

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