Beechwood Whirligig


Here is a so-called "skim-and-swim" lure called "Whirligig"(has surface action plus underwater action to be imparted by rodtip manipulation) , ......made this one for a Secret Santa taking place on a German luremaking site .

All the making from turning down the blank until testing the finished lure has been put into a 9 parts video series , available on YouTube, a link to part 1 :

After the test I've found this particular , fairly large "Whirligig" to be a bit sluggish in it's swimming action , be prepared for this case , I had lauched some more lures of smaller size and more buoyant timber , .......and in fact I've picked one of these for the Secret Santa , as it swims a tad better than this particular one pictured .

Greetz , Dieter

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Amazing work their Dieter!... I love fishing natural colors, ill have to try this technique!

Thank you , ......I have a very old and beaten up "Whirligig" in a similar color , that one had caught me quite a few pike through the year  , so I've thought to stick to this kinda copper/brown appearance .


Greetz , Dieter

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