Tango minnow replica

Dieter, these are a my version thanks for the help David J


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They're perfect and beautiful , David ,  .....looks like you're hooked on this particular vintage style now .


If you want them to run a tad deeperand more stable , let the fattest portion of the body be a tad more rearward(center of rear body) , this way it would get more buoyant towards the tail and let the lip hang just a little deeper to shoulder better into the water .


Quite a few options ,....I've also made jointed ones !


Keep up the good work,.......greetz , Dieter

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Dieter, thanks so much I will do all the afore mentioned, I really want to take this style of lure to task, I am totally intrigued with this body type, hrs of fun in the shop and on the water thanks so much for all your help and I will keep you posted on results.........David J

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