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The Slip Crank Easy Minnow... Baby bass

Got these running pretty well in the test tank... Not quite perfect, but close enough to take to the lake for further inspection

What i did here is place a sideways eye on the lip for the line to pass through before going through the body... It should now run the same as any deep diving crank bait

This lure probably wont slide up the line like my shallow running cranks do... But in the event of a snag, the hook can be broken off freeing the lure to float to the surface for retrieval

Baby bass pattern all hand brushed (still no airbrush)... Tried it on a piece of card board, i liked it so i put it on these baits


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After a trip to the lake, they still need a few tweaks... They both tend to wonder a bit, but still drag bottom at 6-7 ft on a cast and 9-10 ft trolling

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Thanks man!

I found out that im fighting against an ever so slightly crooked lip slot... Not noticeable until i look close, REAL close!... Explains why all 6 that ive made run to the right

Understandable since i do all my cutting with a cheap Black n Decker jigsaw... But i have a sneaky suspicion that im getting a band saw for Christmas.. I think this because my wife asked me what kind of band saw i want

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I should have got one a long time ago!... But, better late than never

Since the lip slot was cut in the master, i guess this mold is scrap

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jeremy......i've been through this plaster of paris mess before.......disreguard that      just pour the lure without the lip in mold and cut the slot for lip later john

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John, try typing "p zero p"... P0P

The lip slot is part of the mold.. I put the lip in after.... Im still fighting with it, havnt given up yet

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