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don't have these around here but I liked the pattern so thought I would give it a try.
5", 1.9 oz., slow sinking. excellent swimming action.

    Looks good John. And they not only look good. They swim great.



    thanks Ben.

    something interesting- I test swim the baits prior to finishing and after the fins are attached the swimming action is much better. more stable head sway. I think the fins are adding just enough resistance to tighten the swimming action without killing it. might ask vodkaman what he thinks.

    mark poulson
    Dec 17 2015 02:28 PM

    I do wish you'd stop posting pictures of your baits.

    I'm leasing a house now, and I'm pretty sure that burning down my painting shop in the attached garage would void my lease. ;O)

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    Your probably right John. Whatever your doing it's working.