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Deep Slip Crank... The Wigglow

Deep Slip Crank... The Wigglow

Tryin out some simple paint jobs that i can actually pull off, this one is a coach dog pattern

Line through "snag away" design, same as all my crank baits, but in a deep diving version, with a sideways eye on the lip

Been at this deep diving minnow design for a while now, and i think i nailed it this time!.... Runs strait and true in the test tank, drags bottom with little effort, has a nice tight wiggle and still thumps like a Monte Carlo in the hood!

Lake test still to come

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    Well... After deciding to add another thin coat of epoxy to level out better... I ruined this one!

    This design seems way too "touchy".... Back to the drawing board😡

    Sounds to me like a design with a very subtle balance of it's properties , ...in which way is it ruined now , .....also tending to blow out like the first one or just sinking instead of descending at a pause ?


    Greetz , Dieter

    It barley floats now, with a verry slow rise... That part i get, from the added weight of the extra epoxy

    But now it blows out to one side... I bend the eye, it blows out to the other side....... Before the 2nd coat of epoxy, i had the eye tuned to the point it ran strait

    Baffling???... Unless the extra weight of the epoxy is too much for the ballast to overcome??

    I guess , that lure had just been on a very narrow edge between performance and fail , .....the 2nd topcoat just pushed it over !


    Happened to me as well sometimes , ....a sealed lureblank with hardware and ballast temporary assembled would perform well at the intial bathtub test prior to final assembly and painting , ....but later in the outdoors it would show the middle finger !


    Just have a lure like this down the shop , ..a 7 1/2" slender deep diving minnow bait , that came to swim on it's side on first outdoor text , but did well before painting and topcoating .


    Shaved the lip a bit narrower and pointy , but never tested it again since , gonna do that together with my actual bunch , that I'm working on .


    Greetz , Dieter

    I think you nailed it!... Most deep divers ive seen have a curvature to the back, i understand how this can make the lure more stable... But i wanted a strait back, with no "tail wagging " on the swim

    This design showed me the fine line between treasure and trash... Definitely not a waste of time... I learned alot, and it will look good hanging on my wall

    Yes , ..off course ,...I do not consider such rejects like a waste of time and effort as well, ......we only learn to do better next time .


    Through the years I had  made some prototypes with a dropping belly and a straight back as well , but I remember to have always had problems with these .


    A slightly downward tail end on deep divers won't generate too much of tail wagging , provided it is kept slender and narrow,....with increasing width it would rather work like the depth rudder of a submarine , in conjunction with the lip it would lead into a much more lively swimming pattern .


    At the beginning of my carreer well over 20 years ago  I've once made such a lure with a wider , downward curved tail end AND a downward pointing shallow diving lip , .......the best way to proceed , if you want a sure blow-out lure , LOL , ........but I've learned from it !


    Greetz , Dieter