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Slip Crank Re-paint

Slip Crank Re-paint

Before (above) and after (below)

This was the best running crank bait ive built yet.... But the old rattle can paint job had started to yellow.... So i sanded it down and re-painted it

Simple black n blue pattern (my new favorite color, thanks to a friend!)... Hand brushed acrylic paint... Royal blue glitter mixed into the epoxy top coat.... I also rounded off the ugly edges of the lip, still runs great as before!

Heres the old test video from when i built it


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    Done such little alterations on crankbait lips before as well , also found it surprising , that no visible change in the swimming pattern did occur . 


    Guess , that your topcoat was responsible for the yellowing , some epoxies do yellow , as I had read , .....in particular the ones meant for glueing rather than the ones for plating .


    Something about this yet simple ,  new paintjob , looks cool with the sparkle of the glitter flakes and the contrasting eye .


    Too bad that I can't access your video , as due to it's soundtrack it's banned for German Youtube users(got harsh restrictions about musician's copyrights over here) .


    Greetz , Dieter

    I cant take credit for the color scheme, its pretty much a copy of an air brushed lure... But since i dont have an airbrush, i used the glitter for this effect...... I like it too! I'm happy i finally found a paint job i can do!

    Thats weird about the video... The music is an old TV show theme song

    There will be more handbrush paintjobs to discover and to master them , too , ....don't worry about that !


    The other day I went to a hobby craft store in Hamburg(don't have one in my hometown) , looking for some new paints there and found something called "cracklelure varnish" , ......tried it on a few lures so far  , ....some turned out nice , some did not ,........quite a bit of luck involved to achieve a good looking crackled paint pattern , ....I'm still learning .


    There is also someone in here doing perfect marbled paintjobs on his lures , ....dunno , whether you had seen them here in the gallery , ......in a nutshell marbling is just dipping the object ito water with marbling paint swimming on top .


    And TU member "littleriver" (sadly he is not that active anymore) even used pastel chalks to paint his lures ,.......you see, .....there are quite a few options apart from airbrushing ,.......and each of them displaying some kinda personal style , too .


    Yep , ....it really is a PITA about those banned videos ,.........your particular soundtrack is said to be subject of an argument between the German YouTube branch and the local owning company of the tune's copyrights , so YouTube rather backs up , since they've lost lawsuits started by the local music industry and don't want to be fined .


    Nowadays downloading music , videos , pictures or texts to use them for own purposes  has become a real snake pit over here .


    There are free computer programs available to bypass these restrictions of German YouTube , though , .....taking detours through internet servers in other countries , I guess , but I haven't bothered to take care about it so far , the issue is not that relevant to me .


    Greetings , Dieter

    Im still looking for my "style".... Ive always liked the look of glitter on hard baits, so maybe that's it??

    I built a medium depth crankbait today using the same template from this lure, putting some paint on it now... Hopefully i can show it in the morning!