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Was asked to make this bait for a friend. This runs at 10-12’ but because of the bill I believe will back up when at rest. It action is a nice open wiggle. Slow floater and was shaped by hand. Original bait shape no copy. Tested time and again to prove the performance of the lure. This one is already is someone else’s hands. I’ve seen this shape before in a bait but don’t know where I saw it.


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Sadly it's impossible to enlarge this particular picture , ......as I find this one to be the most interesting one of your actual bunch !


Is the head(nose) rounded of a bit or it's a straight plane ?


Greetz , Dieter

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Yea, this ones different... I like it!

Lip looks steep for a deep diver... The way it meets the blunt head is interesting, would love to see it in action!

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@ Dieter, it just slightly rounded. It does have a flat area. Could be the reason.

@ JR, I could be wrong about the depth but I do know it's at least 8. Tested in a pool. It was and error made on another bait and I salvaged it. A friend liked it and painted to his request.

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