Paul adams template

This is a shallow diving weight transfer crank bait I made with the Paul Adams template. Topcoated with KBS Diamond clear, it has to be my new favorite dip-able topcoat. It hasn't reacted with my paint and is perfect for small bass baits or baits that need to stay light. Again, my sharpie ran but that is just the result of my impatience


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Try hitting your sharpies with a hair dryer to get them more stable.

It works for me with black, but not with red or chart.

A shot of Createx Clear Gloss will protect them, before you dip in your topcoat.

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I usually do heat set all my paint, and I have some water based sealer I got from home Depot. I forgot to heat set, and dip both lures simply due to not taking my time. Something I need to work on. I will try hitting them for longer with the heat gun too. Patience patience patience

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