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otter1 6inch 122 grams

otter1 6inch 122 grams

Baby otter lure.
PVC, Createx, Folk Art, Sorarez brushed on.
122 grams, 6" long plus tail.
This lure weighs a ton! I lob cast it with an Okuma 7'6" heavy swimbait rod.
It wakes really well at both slow, med, and fast retrieves.
It walks the dog in place, probably due to the deep diving bill.
I'm still playing around with hook locations, and that's why there are multiple swivel hook hangers on the belly.

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    Dec 27 2015 02:20 PM

    I don't know if the cute factor plays a roll in angling, but that one sure gets high marks on the chart, nice job Mark, I bet no fish aint never seen nothin like that

    David J 

    Very nicely detailed lure , Mark , ........I'm just wondering ,  what your intention was to make that "V"-joint that tight  , ....obviously to limit too much swing of the rear part ?


    Don't have that much experience with such wakebaits , though I had also made similar one-piece ones before , ....would any issues occur , if the play between the two sections was too much ?


    Please make me smarter , my friend , ....greetz , Dieter

    Really well done Mark!!..Nathan

    Nice job Mark.  It looks great.


    Awesome mark! What do you plan to catch with this monstrosity? I don't think there are any musky in California . Looks great! Tell us how it runs.
    Now thats different!... And some damn fine work!... So much detail, looks like its about to crawl off your bench!

    Id like one to cast over other fisherman's lines, for my own amusement... Those otters/beavers always seem to swim toward bobbers

    Or a top water goose would be even better!... Damn geese!
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