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first foil crankbait I am happy with

first foil crankbait I am happy with

This is maybe the 5th or 6th foil crankbait I have made, and the only one I am happy with enough to put in the gallery. I am still very very green at making crankbaits, so any advice would be greatly appreciated if you are so inclined to offer! The Gill and dot are brush painted acrylic over hvac aluminum tape; the only thing "unconventional" is the use of a thin piece of electrical tape epoxied to the back before the the clear coat (a suggestion from my artistic cousin) instead of paint. We shall see if it is durable enough.

    O'l Robzilla
    Jan 03 2016 01:05 AM
    A very good try. We've all been there. You can oly go up from there. My advice... there's some good videos on carving baits on you tube worth a watch. Also painting. If you have any questions I'd be more than happy to help any way I can. Welcome to the club welcome to your new addiction! See you around! Robby.
    Robby, thanks for the encouragement man! Means a lot to a new guy. My skills need A LOT of work still especially painting but I look forward to posting some work in the future that is actually gallery worthy. I see an airbrush in my future when I hone more of the basics. -zach

    nothin wrong with that bait!... ive built a couple dozen now, and im still not satisfied with looks, but they progressively look a little better each time


    these guys here make it look too easy, but theyve all likely built or painted hundreds to get where they are


    just keep building, focus on performance first, looks second... fish dont visit the gallery

    Hey thanks man I appreciate it , you build an impressive bait yourself. Especially fond of your black back/yellow belly/gold flake and ten shad
    Thanks right back!... I dont have an airbrush, so its all bristles for me

    Foiling is something ive been wanting to try, but havnt gathered the courage yet... I really like the texture on yours, reminds me of the old school Rapalas.. Whad u use to get that texture??
    I am right there with ya on the brushes .thanks jrammit I used a ratchet handle and rolled it across the tape one way then turned the tape and did it from the other direction. As best I can tell on the old rapalas and bagleys they only roll it across once in the same direction. Truth be told I trashed a coupe of pieces of tape to get it looking right without smudges, etc