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Roadrunner bucktails

Roadrunner bucktails

Thanks to another round of heavy rains, im stuck fishing cold, muddy water

Cold water says fish smaller/slower
Muddy water says fish bigger/faster

Neither has worked consistently, so i came up with an old school compromise... The roadrunner

These were tied on some old 1/8 oz heads i just had laying around.... I loved fishing roadrunners as a kid, but ive forgotten about them over the years........ Now im thinking of getting a pony head mold soon

    Those look really nice! Cold water killer. Pops won a lot of money in winter tourneys around here back in the day on a white/ silver road runner.
    Funny you say that... These were also in honor of an old fishin buddy of mine... He fished professionally several years ago (probably before i was born) so it was always a fun challenge for me to try and keep up with him

    Nowadays all he carries is a box full of roadrunners... And he outfished me every damn time we went out!.... I always threatened to sneak in his tackle box and cut all his blades off... But he moved away before i got the chance (ha ha!)

    We still talk and share fish stories.. And hes still KILLIN EM on the roadrunners.... So i figured if i cant beat him, join him
    Them things are hard to beat I've seen some big 7+ pond fish come on that bait I've been known to put a 3" fluke on a rr head In The early spring. Good for schooling fish too