plopper tail1

I made a Whopper Plopper tail from PVC and a sst Tally Wacker tail from LurePartsOnline. I used the anvil end of a metal working vice to shape and cup the metal, because I discovered that my ball peen hammer didn't make the trip north with me. A box with that, and all my wood lathe tools, seems to have disappeared.

Anyway, 15 minutes of hammering, checking, and adjusting got me a tail that spins when I put it on a shaft and shoot air over it.

Dieter, I am even more in awe of your metal working skills!

I will be buying another ball peen hammer, some more lathe tools, and a digital caliper soon.

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"If it don't fit, get a bigger hammer!"  Words to live by.


That was a drawing of the original bait.  I find writing down the dimensions like that helps me figure out how to build.

I made my copy 1 1/4" deep, to give the bait more of a keel, and to keep my ballast lower, to counteract the rotating tail.


I ground off the sharp corner of the Wacker fin yesterday, and filled both sides where the metal comes out with bondo, to make farings for added reinforcement.

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