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whopper plopper9

I made a Whopper Plopper with a metal tail fin, painted to imitate a juvenile red wing black bird.

It swims, but it doesn't have the same plop, plop sound as the original, or my PVC tail version.

I'll be tweaking it to see if I can add a lip to the back edge of the cupped tail, to create that plopping sound.

I also don't like how it hangs at a 45 degree angle on the pause. I had hoped the silicone skirt wings would be up at the surface on the pause. That may require a return to an all PVC tail, for the added buoyancy.


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Look at a Tallywacker with a metal blade. The rear section is too thin to support the weight of the tail, a simple float test would have detected that.



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You're right, of course.  I thought of that after I'd already made the bait.  Before would have been too smart!  Hahaha

On an up note, I added some bondo to the inside trailing edge of the metal fin, to give it a more cupped shape, and now it plops perfectly.

So I'll fish this one on a constant retrieve, like the original Whopper Plopper.

And I'll play around with how big a tail section I need to float the sst Tally Whacker tail.  I just worry that it may be so much buoyant material that it will change the design of the lure.

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