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I am getting way too addicted to making these glider/jerk baits! This was actually the first I made but i had Solarez clear coated it and wanted to really get it to shine with some Art resin. Just one coat did the trick. I think at the end of this binge I will have all the gliders I will need. They like to tangle though so I might make traces or something


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You really have a nice bait going for you.  Beautifully crafted and the finish looks great.  Hope you don't mind me saying so but in my opinion that snap swivel  has got to go.    Doesn't it dampen the action?  It is long and the snap has a side panel, all which can reduce the action you get.  You may want to try the bait with a split ring or just a wire snap.  That might give you even better action than you have now.  Hope this helps and congrats on a great bait!

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Very nice!

I agree with Barry.

My experience with both glide baits and jerk baits is that having more than just a split ring attachment encourages hook fouling because it makes the line too heavy in front of the lure.

Depending on how much a bait glides, a direct tie sometimes works, too.

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Thanks guys! I have never really fished with gliders. Only now that I made some have I decided to fish them. I will have to try a split ring, or tie directly to the lure like you guys suggested. I'm new to fishing this style so just figuring it out. Again, thanks for the help and the compliments!

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