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rainbowtrout swimbait




Here is my latest trout in a rainbow pattern. It is 20cm long and weighs around 140 gr. Casted from Resin, with thru wired stainless steel and weights.

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    mark poulson
    Feb 10 2016 10:25 AM


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    Very nice donak.  A glide bait I'm thinking.  Interesting how you incorporated the top fin at the joint because typically it is placed forward or behind the joint to make things easier.  Also observed is that it appears you kept the joint very close and incorporated the back hook hangar on the anal fin.  Without further pictures I'm thinking you have relieved the tail section at the back to allow free hinging without interference of the dorsal fin and you probably have about 15 degrees of hinge swing from centerline.  Hopefully if swims well for you it would be interesting to hear how wide the swim is.  Congratulations on your bait.


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    Thanks guys.


    @ barrybait: II will make a picture of a blank, and the i´ll show it to you. The stainless steel pin, wich hold the sections together, is going right into the top fin. The hinge swing is about 30 degress i guess.