Spro Md KO

Sorry the picture is a little dark!


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This is an awesome gilly pattern.

Btw, did you paint this from a clean blank, or did you strip one of your dd's? If you stripped the paint, how did you do it? I have a few spro cranks that I would like to repaint, but don't know how to. I am in the process of picking up a new airbrush kit, and paint. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Lastly, what is LPO. :D

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Lure parts online! KO stands for knock off. The bait was blank when I painted it! If you are reprinting the DD you'll want to tape over the eyes and cut the tape around the eye with a razor knife. The eyes that are sold on different sites may work for you as well. If you lightly sand the bait and put a light coat of spray paint on before painting should help you as well ! Good luck and Thank you!

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