My First Spoonplugs

I had these lures on my mind for two and a half years now , finally I gave it a shot and they seem to work well , did a blank test in the bath tub two days ago , by now I've finished the blanks by polishing , annealing and applying stick-on eyes and reflective foil .

More info in this old thread of mine :

A video also showing underwater sequences of the blank swim test in my bath tub is available on YouTube :

I like to reduce video speed to 25% , this way I can thoroughly observe the lure'smotion in SloMo .

Greetings , Dieter

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Hello Dieter

Great job on the spoonplugs. I am a member of the spoonpluggers of America. Buck Perry invented the spoonplugs in order to map the bottom of the lake and also to know the make up of the bottom of the lake, He made seven sizes and each one would cover a predetermined depth, they are mostly used trolling and bumping the bottom in order to get a fish to strike, some time they want it free swimming. You can also cast them, let it sink to the bottom than bring them back. Spoonplugs catch everything that swims, including saltwater fish. I also make the larger spoonplugs for muskie fishing they are seven inches long, Buck only makes them up to 5 inches long, but even those and smaller ones catch plenty of big fish. You can also use wire if you have a boat than the spoonplug will double the original depth

Very nice work


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Hi , Gino ,


Sorry for belated reply , .....just dropped by at work last night , so now I'm typing on my computer at home .


Thanks a lot for further info on spoonplugs and spoonplugging , ....I really wonder , why this type of lure had never made it's way across the Great Pond back in the day and remained absolutely unknown in Germany , if not in entire Europe ?


Anyway ,....I intend to try these lures for casting only ,  I have access to some fairly deep swims , where I can reach depths of 20 to 45 feet even when casting from the bank .


Also I wonder , whether the spoonplugs would be suitable to be thrown into the strong tidal currents of Germany's second largest river , the "Elbe" around the city of Hamburg .


Hard to tell, how deep the river is , I suppose , upstream of Hamburg it would be around 15 to 20 feet on average , .....currently I'm working on two prototype spoonplugs sporting riveted single hooks with their points protruding upward over the rear of the lure , just to avoid too much snagging .


Since I'm aware , that this might chance the balance of the spoonplug to my disadvantage , I still kept the belly hook hanger , just to be able to attach just a little sinker there , just in case .


Can't wait for the start of the lure fishing season at May 1st over here to finally try my spoonplug creations in the outdoors , ....thanks a lot for chiming in , greetings , Dieter

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