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Long Swim Bait Rig

A little over a week ago, our little bass club held its first tournament of the year. It was a tough one with high winds and big waves. My grand-son and I hooked two fish on crank baits both of them came unglued, his was a big one. Only ten bass were brought to the scales. Five of those 10 were out of one boat. The team that had the limt told me that two of those fish were caught on a five inch soft swim bait. I have never fished a swimbait soft or hard version and wouldn't really know how to fish it if I did. Well, a couple of days later I got to thinking about this and woke up that same night with this on my mind. The smaller version from line tie to hook bend is about 9 inches. The longer one is about 13 inches. It has a half ounce ultra minnow head, .051 wire frame, size 4.5 willow blade with titanium blade arm. What do you think? Will it trigger a strike? Is it something that is already out there? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments.


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I like the idea... One thing i would experiment with is freeing up the head, kinda like a swing jig of sorts... Might help give the swimbait more belly roll action, but also might tangle on a cast

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