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Spring Craw

Spring Craw

    Braided Line
    Apr 04 2016 06:37 AM

    Went back over some of your past designs.  Paint jobs.


    They show me you have a good handle on what you do.


    Patterns. Colors. Some look like kissing cousins.

     But that`s is to be expected. With the volume of lures you have

     turned out over time.


      This new one really catches the eye. Different style bill. Red eye. Love those. 


    The pattern /paint/accent

      turn that puppy into a really nice lure.



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    Big Bass Man
    Apr 04 2016 05:27 PM

    Thanks bud!! Love throwing the spring craw in early spring.


      I don't get out & paint as much as I used too. I try my best to enjoy the day, when I get out there and sling a little paint.