Modified Tail Spinner

A Modified Tail Spinner. Something different, reading other posts prompted me to make this one, I had already modified this mold to be able to put in the top blade arm.Mark Poulson was talking about painting his spinner blades with glow paint. I ordered these Glo Blades from LPO. They really shine! Another recent post was talking about chatter blades on a spinner bait. This lure is similiar to a spinnerbait with its swept back arm so I put a blade on it. Instead of using two split rings to attach the blade, I made a twisted figure 8 out of .051 wire with the loops formed at opposing 90º angles to each other. The hook is a 5/0 Gami which can swing up and down or side to side, I also made a bait keeper at the bend of the hook (made out of a strand off of a weed guard not sure where I saw this at but it was easy to do), hopefully this will keep the trailer where it belongs. The skirt is hand tied around an aluminum rivet which is pushed down into a insulin needle cover which has a big flaired end then glued. It really gives the skirt that unbrella look. I wrapped thread and super glue aroud the shaft until I had a nice tight fit for the rivet then more thread and glue to keep it from sliding down the shaft toward the hook. It is painted with Janns Netcraft Powder paint in transparent colors. I have had this paint for several years and had forgotten about it. Hope you like it.


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took this to the lake today. the blade was a little to large and/or heavy for the light weight titanium wire. On the retrieve, it would bend down so low that the blade would touch the skirt and stop spinning. It chattered like crazy. I will put on a smaller blade and try it again.

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