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Redhorse Sucker


David Harrison 2016

Redhorse Sucker

My second design, this one is a redhorse sucker. I'm fishing for pike in North Western Ontario and hope that they think this lure style will be a nice tasty meal.

    I like it!... Sucker was the "magic bait" when i lived in Colorado

    Nice touch with the painted on fins too!
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    Something special about the general shape of this bait ,.....I like it !


    Greetz , Dieter

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    Thanks guys! I think it's got a nice swimming action as well, I have a slow motion video on youtube if interested at

    The slo-mo reveals alot!... I could watch it over and over if i didnt have work to do!

    Looks good. Has a really nice body roll. Do one with foil and it will flash like a neon sign.



    I really like the action of your lure , the slow-mo shows it all , .......but no need to take the effort of making slow-mo lure action videos , as with utilizing the YouTube settings(click the on small gear wheel bottom right below video screen)one can slow down any YouTube video down to 25% of it's original frames .


    Greetings , Dieter

    Never knew that Dieter, that is a useful trick.

    Yeah , ...someone on a German forum watching my own lure vids pointed out the trick to me a while ago , ..he said , that the 25% slo-mo would be really useful to observe a displayed lure action perfectly , ....and he's darn right !


    Greetz , Dieter