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High lake trout

High lake trout

This lure took so long. I have been slowly working on it. It has been hard between school and work to find the time to build lures and usually I am spending that time fishing.

11 inches long and very heavy. I
sealed and coated it with Art Resin. I really enjoy the stuff for these bigger gliders.

I couldn't foil this bait so I had to go with bubble gummy opaque colors. I don't mind it though. I decided going for a less realistic look would also be easier with my painting skills. I don't think you can tell in the picture but I had to re-coat it and get off as much dirt as I could after the tuner mysteriously fell to the floor at 4 am. I think there was a cat or two involved.

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    Looks awesome, and you know it probably catches cats so it must catch fish!

    Thank-you! Yes I sure hope it will. Lunker bass hopefully!