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Buzz Frog Bass

Made a little lure swap with Bob Lalonde a while back... I got these curly buzz frogs and thanks to all the rain rain rain, i finally have a place to use them

The spot i fish is mostly timber and underwater weeds.... But the lake has risen over some new terrain

This fish was caught casting over a partially submerged barbed wire fence near the top of the dam... Reeling through an open pocket in the tall grass, then KABLAM!!!... I mean he HAMMERED that frog!!!!!

I aint gonna lie, it scared me a little... But that's top water in a nut shell

The fish weaved in and out of the barbed wire several times, i was afraid it would get tangled, and it did... When i finally got hold of it, i actually had to unhook it underwater and trust my grip..... Sigh of relief when i got it in the boat!... Maybe my most exciting catch ever?!?!


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there he is.... somebody should empty out their pm box (ha ha)

i knew you'd see it eventually... just a little feedback and a formal thank you.... great baits!...... hopefully those poppers perform half as well

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You know I designed those buzz frog with one spot on one particular lake in mind, and it was nearly three years before I fished them there.  LOL.  They caught a lot of fish for me in the mean time though.  Thinking about heading out there today to see if the grass is too choked up to fish or not.  Either that or getting some more electrical wire so I can get the rest of the circuits in the new machine room.  

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