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I decided to paint my Black Maxx to match my Skeet Reese rod. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. Gotta clean the rubber nobs off and I going to leave the spool alone, but once again really happy with the way it turned out !!!

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Oh that's awesome! I've been wanting to do this to one of my reels. If you don't mind me asking, what did you clear coat it with? I was thinking of trying KBS. Again that is so cool!

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Thanks!!! I actually used krylon crystal clear - clear coat. I know a guy that uses epoxy but I think it would have to be a real thin coat because I put three light coats on this reel and barely got the side plate to fit right. Best of luck I'm going to try it again and probably use epoxy on a cheap reel to see if it will work !!! Thanks again !!

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