Single Hook Spoonplugs

Hi folks ,

A while ago I had posted some Spoonplugs in here , rather unfamilar lures to me, I've made a few more(not shown) , ....but amongst these two versions sporting a single hook .

My goal of design was not creating weedless lures , but rather reduce the possibilities of bottom snagging of these sinking and deep running sheet metal lures .

Since I was aware that the large single hook pointing upward might change the balance of the lure and cause it to flip over to blow out , I still assembled belly hook hangers , just to be able to clip in a little sinker to regain the balance of the lure .

But during first tub tests I've found , that such a sinker might be obsolete , since bending the diving lip a tad more downward might be enough to balance the Spoonplug not to turn over anymore .

Also the attached sinker slows down the wiggle a little bit, .....but yet would improve the casting performance and would cause the lure to run deeper .

The snugly fitting rivets to fix the VMC single hooks are homemade from round brass stock , just filed down to requested diameter rotating in the chuck of my lathe, ......came much easier and faster than I had expected .

Thanks a lot for your interest , ...greetings , Dieter

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Thanks , Ben , can't wait to try them on our pike, perch , zander and trout  , ...local lure fishing closing time would be finally through May 1st , ...but weather is most crappy , coldest springtime in years !


Greetz , Dieter

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Hello Dieter, those are very interesting lures. A long time ago, I read a book or article about a man who used spoonplugs on one of our local lakes. I always wondered what they were. Thanks for sharing.


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you done good.....i thinking it would be a nice bait for in the detroit river....what is the weight of your bait dieter?....

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Sorry , I do not have any scales , ...I'd estimate them at maybe 25 grams for the larger one and 17 grams for the smaller lure , ....but it really depends on which sheet thicknesses one would use .


Thanks a lot for chiming in , .......greetings , Dieter

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