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Painted scales, second attempt.

This is my second attempt at painting scales (thanks Solarfall!!!). I painted the bulk of the lure dark brown and then used a scale template to paint the scales using while transparent paint. I then went over the whole lure with yellow and followed that up with moss green. Finally hit the bottom with some orange. The eyes are homemade and the lip is custom cut from circuit board material. The lure is made out of pvc and should dive to 3-5 feet with a subtle wobble. The ballast is a short length of 3/8 in. brass rod drilled out to accept the belly hook eye.


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Forgot that it does have a rattle as well. I use the drill through the body from the side technique. I then over drill both sides to accept a small circle of metal cut from a beer can. I put a small ball bearing in for the rattle. It has a lower clacking sound.

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Yep. I found some party hats at the dollar store that had the holographic paper and I use a hole punch for the basic shape. I then use a paint pen for the iris or pupil or whatever it is. 

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