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automatic fisherman

This is my version of an automatic fisherman. This one is set with the rod tip inserted onto a "load point" and the line draped ove a V on the end of the trigger. When the line is pulled the trigger is pulled down and the rod tip springs up. The hook is then set and the flag on the end of the rod pulses up and down with every movement of the fish.



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Unusually warm winter here in NH last year. I didn't get a chance to go. open water till Feb. I usually run 1/2 these and 1/2 traditional free spool rigs. It is not unusual for them to hit one type or the other exclusively. 

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Not a chance. The rod holder is pvc pipe held in place with a 10-24 bolt going through it and the vinyl frame. The 1/4" rods on the front are drilled through the 5/4 in pressure treated  lumber. A welded washer holds them on the base. They swing out around the side of the hole and extend beyond it. The tips are turned downward and pointed, so they actually melt into the ice a bit. In fact, they are a little hard to pick up at the end of the day. The tip of the rod remains centered on the hole, well behind the tips . So far it has held up to 17-1/2" trout, 7 pound smallmouth, and some pretty big largemouth.  The rod can be switched out for bigger or smaller prey. They are not going anywhere. The only limit I see is the size of the hole. 

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