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Red Holographic

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Found a new Red Holographic handbag (I think you guys call them 'Sacks'). It's tough going getting it on but worth it. I loaded two pics so you could get an idea of the FLASH this stuff gives off. If this thing does not catch a fish , I'm not playing.

Its 14gm's X 80mm, hand carved Kauri pine, unweighted. pete

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PM me if you need my address. I do believe it would make it here before Christmas, but if not, I'd have a Really Happy New Year!!!

Beautiful Work,


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Pete, if everyone starts using lures like that, you might have a business selling sunglasses to fishes. :D

Great job, I know the PITA in applying holo stuff to curved surfaces. U did it nice & smooth without any crinkles. TOP NOTCH.

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Thank you all for the compliaments, I just hope the fish like it as much. LaPala- I made the lure in halves (through wire) this allowed me to concentrate on glueing the edges, rather than trying to align overlaps etc.pete

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