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Red Holographic

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Found a new Red Holographic handbag (I think you guys call them 'Sacks'). It's tough going getting it on but worth it. I loaded two pics so you could get an idea of the FLASH this stuff gives off. If this thing does not catch a fish , I'm not playing.

Its 14gm's X 80mm, hand carved Kauri pine, unweighted. pete

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That looks amazing, did you get that from a giftbag? Either way looks like it'll flash like crazy, good luck fishing it. It's a little too pretty for me to fish with though.

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Thanks for all the compliments guys, maybe I should have used a polarized coating. Spartacus - yes that's it 'a gift bag', got it from a $ shop, I'm going hunting today and see what other colors I can find. Pete

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