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Cedar Rattle bait

Cedar Rattle bait

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    That looks awesome! I have really been digging square bills lately. If you don't mind me asking, how do you get such a perfect rattle and end plug. I have been putting balsa over the holes on mine and then gluing it, but that can get messy. Again that looks pretty sweet. You make awesome cedar baits.

    Thanks jonister. After drilling the hole through the blank, I use a 5/16" spade bit to make the recess for the end caps. For those, I cut circles out of the same circuit board material that the lips are made of. Then fill in with Kwikwood epoxy putty and sand smooth. It's fast drying and doesn't shrink, plus there's no runny epoxy to creep past the end caps and into the rattle chamber. Hope that makes sense. 

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    mark poulson
    Jun 15 2016 10:58 AM

    I really like your rattles.

    I do the same thing with aluminum discs I cut out of soda cans using a 5/16" single hole punch.  I anchor them with brush-on super glue, set with accelerant, and covered with bondo.

    I have to shake the bait hard before I bondo it, because the sst rattle balls bend out the center of the aluminum disc, so I want it pre-bent before I bondo it.  I learned that the hard way.

    I'm going to try and use my hole punch to make some circut board discs, to see if they are more rigid, and also to see if they give a different rattle.

    Thanks for the idea!

    That's a great idea! I currently drill a hole and then cut an indent for a piece of square wood or metal to be glued on and sanded down. I use Spackle for a filler. It sands down great with super light sandpaper while not altering the lure it's self. Your way seems a lot easier!

    Thanks guys. I have also used thin brass material for my end caps, but the circuit board makes more of a knocking sound than the metal does. 

    mark poulson
    Jun 18 2016 10:21 AM

    I tried the circuit board caps for my rattles, and they work really well!  Loud and clear!

    Thank you!!!

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    Yes they are quite loud. Glad you like them Mark.