three bluegill frogs Two only

I made three hard bluegill frog baits from PVC trim. They all use a 14"X1/8" magnet to hold the hook point tight to the bait until it's eaten, when the hook is forced up into the fish's mouth when it bites.

The popper pops, and the other two walk the dog really well.

I am cheap, so I originally wanted to made a durable frog bait.

But I found that these also cast like bullets, and come through tulles and over grass really well.

I took the two bait picture to show my bluegill painting skills. Hahaha

All Createx and Folk Art paints, with a single dip into Solarez UV cured resin.

I put a 1 gram lead ball rattle in the top bait, with circuit board end caps, and it is loud.

I wrapped some lead wire around the hook shanks to make sure the baits landed face up, or turned over when they landed.

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Awesome!.. Ive been wanting to do this, but didnt think it would work (the hook set up i mean)

The magnet is a great idea!... Once its triggered, is there enough hook exposed to grab some mouth??

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Thanks guys.

Once I figured out that a strong magnet worked, the rest was easy.  Building out of PVC and using Solarez makes the building process easy and fun.  I love being able to make a bait and fish it the same day, if I want to.

If the wind lays down, I hope to feed them to a couple of bass tomorrow.

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Awesome job Mark, thinking way outside the box, love the body style, guaranty ain't no fish ever seen those baits, good job all the way around.


David J

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