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20160625 203254[1]

shad balsa flatside coffin bill thru wired circuit board crankbait crank bait

20160625 203254[1]

Another shad same as my previous post but with my now famous home made coffin bill. (thanks Mark Poulson) I enhanced my shad pattern and got the lower half shimmering with some Createx Wicked Aluminum, then to the bone colored belly. Also added pearl orange throat and tip of tail. Oh yeah, my dobbed eyes are getting better. I'm using the back end of a drill bit like before but now I am using the cheap acrylic paint, not air brush paint and I am able to get better painted eyes now.

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    mark poulson
    Jul 15 2016 10:55 AM

    You paint job is fantastic!  You must have the patience of Job!