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20160625 203605[1]

shad crankbait basswood circuit board

20160625 203605[1]

Carved this bait from basswood. Modeled similar to Lucky Craft BDS3. Twisted wire hook hangar thru belly weight. Long twisted wire hangars for line tie and rear hangar. Not thru wired. Each hangar secured with D2T. I'm not worried about thru wiring with bass wood but I do my hangar drill holes all the way thru, fill the entire hole up with D2T then D2T my twisted wire and insert. Home made circuit board lip from LPO circuit board sheet. I mark them out with a square, scribe, cut with band saw, then finish sand to the lines with a 1" belt sander. These are providing good action

Createx paint same pattern as previous post. D2T'd. Action, compared to BDS3, it is a little wider wobble, a little slower and heavier. Haven't fished it yet.

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