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Hand paint vs spray paint

Hand paint vs spray paint

First off... Yes... Im too cheap to buy an airbrush... Of all the things i "need", that is somewhere at the bottom of the list

Plus... While i do marvel at the magnificent airbrush jobs here in the gallery, i prefer simple paint schemes on my own lures.... Way i see it, a crankbait is a reaction bait.. Long as it has flash and contrast, it will trigger strikes

When i first started, i painted all my baits with rattle cans.... Then one day i thought i would "up my game" by learning to paint with bristles........ Well.... Turns out im just not the artistic type

Lure on the left is spray paint, 10 minutes.. Right is hand brushed, bout 2 hours (mostly dry time between coats)

I do like the color selection of hand paints, especially that royal gold!... But with my lack of skills, i think the spray can bait looks better

Opinions welcome... I know there were some rattle can guys on here way back, any of you still around??

    Those look great! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who does enjoy an original floater every once in a while! Don't worry, in 5 years or less you will be one of the best hand painters on here! Haha. I do like the vibrancy of those hand paints. I may have to go get some acrylic to try out! Maybe in conjunction with rattle cans or an airbrush?
    Thanks man!

    Yea, i was thinking of "mixing" the two... I have painted acrylic over spray paint before, but never tried spray paint over acrylic

    I just like the "fade look" the over spray gives... No matter what i try with a brush, i cant pull that off

    if you can do THAT with a paint brush……..you CAN paint with a air brush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it only takes a little practice……….john

    "Way i see it, a crankbait is a reaction bait.. Long as it has flash and contrast, it will trigger strikes"


    Agree totally.  Nice baits.

    thanks guys!... im gonna tinker w the spray paint for a while, see what fx i csn come up with...... then who knows, i might buy an airbrush some dau