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The Slip Crank "T-1"... spray paint "chartreuse gill"

PVC, line through "snag away" design

this one is painted with only rattle cans, D2T top coat..... i need a lil practice holding my stencils at the right distance, but im happy with this one for a first try

there is also a new development here, but if you cant see it, i wont share


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took it out today.. id say it runs pretty good, not the best ive made, but definitely not the worst

once i got it tuned in, it reached 7 foot consistently... runs fairly strait, with a little "hunt" i need to fix on the next one

caught 1 bass and a catfish on it, so ill call it a success

the way the line goes thru the deep diver, it will not float up the line, the hook would have to be broken off to free it up..... i snagged it on a few trees, but it came loose each time, so i didnt get a chance to test it in "retrieval mode".... but im confident it will work

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That's Awesome to hear! You could break it off in a foot or so of water to test its retreivability. I wish I had catfish around here that would hit lures!

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now that u say that, we just bought a pool this summer, and of course ive been using it as a test tank.... ill come up w a test for the break away and try to get a video of it

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