Slip Crank "T1" medium diver... Tennessee Shad

PVC line through "snag away" design

another rattle can job... Krylon metalic gold under Krylon ivory with a Krylon black back

the "T" stands for "tunable"... on a normal crankbait, you can bend the line tie for tuning if it runs left or right.... well, i dont have a line tie.... sometimes id get lucky and build a perfectly ballanced bait.... other times they ended up on the wall

well.... i noticed i had more baits on the wall than in my tackle box, so i came up with a solution....... notice the "tuning eye" on the tail...... it works!... baits now go strait from the bench to the tackle box!

i also got creative and figured out how to make an underwater video with a cell phone..... excuse the camera work, hard to keep steady while treading water

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