four flat side grub

Grub/worm Four flat sides that needs no mold to make. Catches most freshwater species. Note the wire grub holder using 24g coated floral wire.


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You'd be surprised at all the design's I've  come up with in the last year - all unnatural - that catch all fish species in a lake.

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2 hours ago, CNC Molds N Stuff said:

Now that is an ugly but effective bait keeper.  I like it. 


Agree Bob, ugly and effective.

Could also have an additional keeper on the other side to double your fun.

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Yes you have a great idea there.

 I thought another one coming in from the other side would make it 2x's as strong.

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I use 24 g coated wire and it never comes undone for up to two dozen fish.  If the lure is long enough , I bite off a bit off the front of the lure and re-rig it once it starts to split from that many strikes and good for a  another dozen or more fish. Too heavy or two thin a gauge doesn't do as well and uncoated wire rusts.

Sometimes I bend the wire more towards the front of the lure rather than straight across if I've cu the wire a bit to short.  Jig collars do more damage than fish and I cut them off if I can't order a certain jig size collarless.

As you can see, I wouldn't use jigs (even skirted jigs) without the grub/ trailer lock. Note the arrow pointing to the trailer lock that can be as long or as short as you make it.



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