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The Slip Crank "T1"... spray paint with tulle

The Slip Crank "T1"... spray paint with tulle

"snag away" (never lose) line through crankbait with "tuning eye"

finally found some of that tulle stuff y'all were talkin about.... if anyone ever wondered how it would look with rattle cans, here it is

Krylon neon yellow under Krylon emerald green with Krylon watermelon chin.... i like it!

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    Looks good JR. :yay:



    thanks Ben!... i think im gettin better at this paint thing
    Jul 22 2016 12:36 PM

    I agree with Ben....Nice work JR., keep it up!

    thanks Phillip!... i plan to!
    heres a lil video of the bait in our new pool.... dont worry, i cut the points off the hook


    had one of the kids run the camera this time, not the best footage
    Chuck Young
    Jul 27 2016 08:02 PM

    Nice scale pattern. BTW, don't be afraid to try some stretchy fabrics. They hug the bait when you clamp them on. Now all you need is a little mauve taffeta - JK.

    Chuck Young
    Jul 27 2016 08:03 PM

    Wicked action on that thing!

    thanks chuck!.... the tulle i got is kinda stretchy, i can just pull it tight and clip some clothes pins on it, fits snug just like u said

    took the bait out yesterday, extremely happy with it!.... runs awesome and dives about 7'..... it was a rough day for fishing! 100+ scattered clouds and no wind.... managed to hook 3 on this bait but only boated one...... got me thinking, since i only have one treble, i need to pick a quality hook!