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9 1/4 inch Fatfingers Glider top view

9 1/4 inch Fatfingers Glider top view

    Incredible work. The blue pattern on the back looks like you inlaid small blue stones on the bait giving it a 3D appearance. Great stuff.



    Thanks, Ben. Hope you're doing well and catching lots of fish.

    Wow!  What a beautiful bait.  That crackle pattern turned out awesome and every other aspect of the bait looks top notch.


    Braided Line
    Jul 23 2016 11:01 AM

    Reminds me of your "slopehead"  #201.

    Thanks, Barry. Braided, it is similar. The nose on the glider lacks the shoveled out part that cause the bait to dive. This model is designed to reach a certain depth, and then when you tap the rod tip, it sort walks the dog underwater.
    Chuck Young
    Jul 27 2016 08:07 PM

    I love the crackle pattern on the back. You must have used a pretty thick paint and a lot of crackle!

    do you used water base paints like createx?