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Everything seems to take longer in reality than you think it should. This is the new air conditioned machine room where three Speedmaster Mills will be going. The big Hurco won't fit, but because if its heavy, but relatively slow spindle I don't use it as much anyway. I've been working all day for the last two weeks on molds to try to keep up with my estimated lead times, and working evenings and weekends on this when I'm not to spent to get on it. Heck, I've only taken two sanity breaks to go fishing in the last month. That's crazy. Anyway, when I am finished I'll have three small high speed mills spaced along one wall, my big lather taking up part of the opposite wall, and an assemble bench just for doing secondary operations like threading clamping screw holes, and pressing in alignment pins. The Hurco will get moved over to just outside the door so its will still be handy for the prep operations I use it for.

On the flip side. One of those two days I did take off to go fishing was a pro/am tournament my partner and I won.


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Well, the electrical wire is run to boxes for all the machines.  Still not wired into the sub panel.  I may need to move it.  My plan for bringing the mains into the sub just isn't going to work. I've also drilled all the holes for video, network, phone, and sound cable.  I may wander out to the shop and run that today while I ponder the routing for the mains. 

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Sub panel is wired into the main.  Half the room circuits are wired into the sub panel.  Just need to add a couple wires to the alarm system and we can insulate. 

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Mudded, painted, wired, still need some low voltage stuff done, three of the four machines that go in this room have been rolled in and powered up.  I'll be adding coolants to the two new CNC machines today and may cut some preliminary jobs on them for the first time.  Sometime this week I hope to move the older high speed machine into the room.  I bought a new work bench to go in there as well.  I was going to build one, but time keeps marching on.  I need this room and these machines working. 

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There are three operational (sorta) mills inside this room now.  I've got a work bench inside behind the door, and the 1440 lathe has been in there long enough I've had to clean out the chip tray a few times, and it needs to be cleaned out again. 

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