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Marco And Bob


August 2016

Marco And Bob

Marco on the left. Me on the right. After 8hrs in the summer son in July I'm surprised I even had enough energy left to smile. We had 18lbs and I caught a 5.88 for big bass of the day. All mine came on hand poured baits. Marco was using a variety of commercial baits that he kept switching up all day. Normally 18lbs isn't enough to get first here int eh summer time, but that day it was. Most of my fish came on Club-Os and RFGs, but the big one came on a "The Beast" bait I poured in somebody else's molds.

    Braided Line
    Aug 03 2016 12:33 PM

    You guys got a nice "sack"

      but did you win the money?  


      I know you guys put those puppies back.  At least I hope you did.  

    Bob La Londe
    Aug 03 2016 04:45 PM

    Yeah we won a little bit for our 1st place and big bass.  About enough to pay for gas, ice, and beverages.  They went right out to the end of the dock. Not sure of any real bass tournaments that allow you to keep your fish except if you have a dead one.  I also have no issue with meat anglers who harvest and eat legally.  (If I hear somebody bragging about having a freezer full I report them for being over possession limits.)  

    Braided Line
    Aug 04 2016 06:57 AM

    I`m a firm believer in , catch and release.   For myself, I never keep anything.  Re-cycle the resource.


    It gets so hot in Florida ,keeping those puppies alive in the live well takes some doing. Nobody likes coming to the weight in with dead Bass.  Nothing like a deduction in weight  to ruin the day. 


     1st place always sounds good! 

        Kind of breaking even, makes the wallet not so light.